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Sunday 14th
Belvoir Team Chase
Sunday 21st
Marquee at The Cottage, Dowsby
Thursday 25th
Museum of Hunting Trust Historic Film evening
Friday 3rd
Night at the Dogs
Monday 6th
Thursday 16th
Ladies Supper at The Chequers
Saturday 25th
National Hedgelaying Championship, Hough on the Hill
Wednesday 29th
Opening Meet Supper & Harvest Festival.
Sunday 16th
MHC Ride

The Belvoir Hunt

Hound Sponsors' Day 2014
Photos by Marc Gordon


... to the Belvoir Hunt's website for news, a summary of forthcoming events, details of how to contact us, our small adverts section, a unique satellite map of our country which is zoomable to hedgerow level and shows our boundary and many of our coverts, and reports from our Tumblers Club, point-to-point racing, team chasing and hunter trials, hedgelaying competition and others.