Hound Sponsorship

2016 Hound Sponsorship

The Belvoir Hunt Supporters Club runs an active Hound Sponsorship programme with hunt members and supporters sponsoring individual hounds and puppy litters each season. To date hound sponsorship, over eight seasons, has raised over £16,000 towards the direct upkeep of the hounds.

Each year, in April, Hound Sponsors and their families gather at the Kennels for an exclusive and private social to mark the end of the season.

In 2007 the BHSC Hound Sponsorship also initiated the Manchester Trophy to be awarded twice a season to the Hound Sponsor of the hound judged by our Huntsman to have hunted in the most effective manner for that portion of the season.

Hound Sponsorship enables supporters, most of whom do not actually hunt on a horse, to get the enjoyment of seeing “their” hound out hunting throughout the season as well as receiving regular updates on the pack's progress and an exclusive “inside” look at the working of the kennels.